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Running 300km and Riding 300km through November to raise awareness and funds for Men United.

The Challenge

Men United Peterhead is at an important juncture in its history. To this point it has been led and maintained by dedicated volunteers. But the need is pressing, time is short, Men United now need to take the bold step to recruiting its first full time worker to oversee the development, growth and sustaining of the organisation. As well as seeking to generate income through grant and trust fundraising, investment from local businesses that believe in our mission, and through spot purchasing from local services of the organisations services, Men United hopes to build a base of committed individual supporters who partner with the organisation through a one off or regular donation.

To get the ball rolling on the last part of the organisations income generation strategy, I’m getting the wheels rolling by taking part in a 600km duathlon throughout November.

RUN RIDE 300 is exactly what it says on the tin really. I will be aiming to run 300km and cycle 300 km (on a spin bike) by the end of November. November is an important month in the calendar for mens health. Movember has led the way in setting it aside to help raise awareness of those health issues that all too often guys don’t talk about – Mental Health is one of those.

Do get behind the November campaign in general by sharing posts on social media. Using the links below, please also consider supporting Men United Peterhead in its mission to challenge the stigma surrounding men’s mental health and support our friends, brothers, sons, husbands when they need it most.

Other Ways You Can Help

I fully accept that it has been a challenging couple of years for many and some folk just won’t be able to contribute, but that doesn’t mean you can’t help:

  • Get the word out and make some noise about this and other Movember campaigns
  • Share the updates that are posted about this challenge
  • Check out the rest of this website to see if there are other ways you can support

On behalf of the guys that Men United Peterhead supports, thank you!

Big love,


Rich Jones

Show your support by sponsoring Rich, using one of our fundraising partners INDIEGOGO or GOFUNDME.


Track Progress

Activities List
  • Afternoon Ride
    On May 5, 2024 went 62.96 km during 02:50:03 hours climbing 264.20 meters burning 1,571 calories.
  • Afternoon Ride
    On April 28, 2024 went 63.07 km during 02:58:37 hours climbing 266.70 meters burning 1,544 calories.
  • Long ride with a Go Ape session at the halfway point
    On April 20, 2024 went 117.46 km during 05:19:04 hours climbing 707.20 meters burning 3,401 calories.
  • Commute home feat. a puncture
    On April 10, 2024 went 35.12 km during 01:40:42 hours climbing 149.40 meters burning 855 calories.
  • Spin to Liverpool and back…until another puncture
    On April 6, 2024 went 104.66 km during 05:17:11 hours climbing 462.50 meters burning 2,587 calories.
  • Afternoon ride with a break for a family walk at the halfway point
    On March 29, 2024 went 53.69 km during 02:23:14 hours climbing 190.00 meters burning 1,432 calories.
  • Evening Ride
    On February 17, 2024 went 86.75 km during 05:17:44 hours climbing 964.30 meters burning 3,571 calories.
  • Afternoon Ride
    On September 9, 2023 went 19.13 km during 00:57:31 hours climbing 83.50 meters burning 510 calories.
  • Morning Ride
    On September 9, 2023 went 8.79 km during 00:25:05 hours climbing 3.40 meters burning 145 calories.
  • Afternoon Ride
    On September 2, 2023 went 46.66 km during 02:22:39 hours climbing 174.00 meters burning 1,094 calories.
  • Afternoon Spin
    On November 30, 2021 went 39.70 km during 01:16:21 hours
  • Afternoon Ride
    On November 25, 2021 went 11.55 km during 00:39:18 hours climbing 125.10 meters
  • Night Spin
    On November 24, 2021 went 18.80 km during 00:38:19 hours
  • Night spin
    On November 23, 2021 went 24.20 km during 00:51:34 hours
  • Quick Spin Before Bed
    On November 22, 2021 went 10.90 km during 00:21:23 hours
  • Afternoon Spin
    On November 18, 2021 went 17.20 km during 00:32:17 hours
  • Evening Spin
    On November 17, 2021 went 19.50 km during 00:41:19 hours
  • Afternoon Spin
    On November 16, 2021 went 20.80 km during 00:41:23 hours
  • Afternoon Ride
    On November 15, 2021 went 4.17 km during 00:11:57 hours climbing 22.20 meters
  • Afternoon Ride
    On November 15, 2021 went 4.68 km during 00:15:16 hours climbing 39.30 meters
  • Evening spin
    On November 12, 2021 went 21.30 km during 00:39:11 hours
  • Night rider
    On November 10, 2021 went 17.90 km during 00:34:25 hours
  • Evening Ride
    On November 5, 2021 went 17.20 km during 00:29:24 hours
  • Lunchtime Spin
    On November 4, 2021 went 16.10 km during 00:27:13 hours
  • Lunchtime Spin
    On November 3, 2021 went 19.40 km during 00:38:18 hours
  • Lunch Ride
    On November 2, 2021 went 21.40 km during 00:40:04 hours
  • Exercise Bike
    On November 1, 2021 went 16.30 km during 00:32:23 hours